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Nor gates of steel so strong but time Time

Through the interpretation offered by http://www.shakespeares-sonnets.com/sonnet/65, a New Critic will be proud of this work. Every line of the poem is dissected in which each words of interest shown is discussed with numerous possibilities. Also, this critic took into account the time period this poem was written, therefore some of the analysis comes from Shakespeare’s present day. For example, through line 8’s interpretation of the sonnet, the critic offers choices as to what is referred to as “gates of steel” in which the critic offers explanations of Troy’s Gates and Priam’s six-gated city. A New Critic would be proud that this critic used timeline research in order to figure out what steel gate was being referred to. One thing a New Critic may oppose of this interpretation is that in line 13 where it is interpreted that Shakespeare was answering an earlier written question.

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