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Research Question

An open-ended question that I propose from “Man From The South” is that in which society would they find a set of people who would actually take part on a bet with a random stranger. Usually people will feel like their being scammed if they have no prior knowledge about someone’s past before agreeing to take a bet up with them. I can also look up the characteristics of a gambler and divulge on why they may agree to anything if there is a prize involved. Information that I would need to look up in order to find out about these odds would be the characteristics of males taking part in gambling. I would then have to figure out how many would actually want to take part in a bet in a stranger and in what parts of the world is it more common to do so. Some terms that I can look up would be words such as gambling, deceitful, hustling, or mystery.


Concrete Systems

One concrete system that can be made when using Freud’s method of interpreting dreams on literature is drawing an image, such as a collage, of the main points that sticks out to you in a work of literature. After drawing down as much images as you can, look around and analyze your drawing and see if two things that stick out to you can be related to each other when going back over the literature. This may make it easier because, as Freud says, by creating whatever is not presented may be easier to established in a different form.

Another concrete system we can make is by making images that can relate to a main point of the literature itself. By doing this, your search for images that are similar to one another can help you come up with a justifiable idea of what the author is trying to show to you. Whatever ideas that you come up with yourself helps demonstrate exactly of what you think of the poem. You can compare this with the main idea you thought the plot was before and can determine through both what the message really is.

Generally, both of these systems involve the user to make up images to replace the ideas of writings. A new perspective of something can always open the mind up to different ideas and maybe a correct meaning can come across yourself.

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Rhetorical Element

The rhetorical element of metonymy is similar to Freud’s theory of condensation because condensation shows you an important part that can be similar to your actual thought but not the exact same thing. For example, is you have a dream thought that is about pizza, your dream content may show you something associated with Italy. Even though pizza is not only from Italy, it is something that is associated with food because it was made famous over there.


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