Concrete Systems

One concrete system that can be made when using Freud’s method of interpreting dreams on literature is drawing an image, such as a collage, of the main points that sticks out to you in a work of literature. After drawing down as much images as you can, look around and analyze your drawing and see if two things that stick out to you can be related to each other when going back over the literature. This may make it easier because, as Freud says, by creating whatever is not presented may be easier to established in a different form.

Another concrete system we can make is by making images that can relate to a main point of the literature itself. By doing this, your search for images that are similar to one another can help you come up with a justifiable idea of what the author is trying to show to you. Whatever ideas that you come up with yourself helps demonstrate exactly of what you think of the poem. You can compare this with the main idea you thought the plot was before and can determine through both what the message really is.

Generally, both of these systems involve the user to make up images to replace the ideas of writings. A new perspective of something can always open the mind up to different ideas and maybe a correct meaning can come across yourself.

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  1. Kevin L. Ferguson Said,

    November 3, 2011 @ 11:53 pm

    Great observation about changing the “form” of the dream–moving back and forth between images and words could help clarify the meaning.

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